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Fátima, alb and serene, raises imponent its Sanctuary which charms at first sight. Mystic land, relentless search of faith, safe haven of all who seek light, harmony and peace. Fátima, visited by millions, who remind, in a singular miracle of extreme motivation. Land of aching and returns, that always offers the necessary stillness to who bravely crosses its ways.

Throughout the year, thousands of pilgrims set their course to the World’s Altar to kneel before Our Lady of Fátima, in one of the most impressive manifestations of faith, peace, and spirituality the world witnesses every year since 1917. The history of Fátima is permanently associated to the existence of three children: Lúcia and her cousins, Franscisco and Jacinta Marto. The sweetness and innocent faith of little and humble shepherds led them to see the most holy image: that of Our Lady.

Wax Museum

Placed 100 meters from the Sanctuary, this magnificent Wax Museum gives you the opportunity, through scenes of great realism, to revive the most relevant happenings that Fátima has celebrated as the World’s Altar.

The Miracle of Fátima

Applying the newest multimedia Technologies, we recreate the historic framing of the beginning of the 20th century: the apparitions of the Angel of Portugal and Our Lady of Fátima; the Miracle of the Sun; the secret of Fátima; the Pope John Paul II; the procession of the candles; among other happenings.

Coin Caves

The Coin Caves (Grutas da Moeda) are placed in the center of Portugal, only 3 minutes away from the Sanctuary. Filled with fantastic chalky formations, these caves are composed by 12 natural galleries of great scientific and touristic interest.


Tomar, which is located 37 km from Fátima, is probably one of the most beautiful Portuguese cities. It has World Heritage monuments such as the Convent of Christ, which define the History of Portugal, mainly with the legendary Knights Templar that were settled here for a long time.

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